MetaMonitor - Log monitoring tool for KDE


MetaMonitor is a simple program written for KDE, which watches the syslog's or metalog's log file and pops up the window whenever the new message comes. You can specify the file to watch and a regular expression for parsing the log line, so you can watch other than log files too.


- Ability to monitor Syslog's, Metalog's or custom file
- Ability to change default regular expression for parsing the logline
- Ability to change interval between single file checks
- Ability to communicate via DCOP
- Ability to configure popups (groupping, lifetime)
- Ability to specify reactions on various types of messages (triggering)
- Themable popups (custom skin, layout, fonts and colors)

MetaMonitor Interview on Softpedia09 Oct 2006

Yesterday, Softpedia has published the intervew with me about MetaMonitor and its future plans. I had a pleasure to 'talk' via mail with Marius Nestor - the Softpedia's Linux Executor - about what MM is and what I would like it to be. You can read the whole interview on the Softpedia page!

MetaMonitor 0.4.5 released!12 Dec 2005

Now you can use themes in popups! In this release there also the new and fresh configuration window, spanish translation and more minor improvements and bugfixes. Check out ChangeLog for more information about this release!

MetaMonitor's theme howto12 Dec 2005

You can learn how to create themes for MetaMonitor from this brand new Theme Howto. If you have some problems with this document, please contact me on my email.

MetaMonitor 0.4 released!22 Nov 2005

Many things added but the most important are triggers. You can now set the reaction for every type of message. There are also some improvements and bugfixes in this version. Download now and check ChangeLog for more information about this release!

Future plans

The 0.5 release is planned to be plugin based (four types of plugins: file monitor, dcop monitor and client and command's output monitor). MetaMonitor-0.5 will also be a single instance application, so it's DCOP interface will be much easier to use.

It would be also great if someone send me translation files, I can publish them in next releases. (see po/metamonitor.pot and src/metamonitor.desktop files in the source package for templates)

If you created a theme for MetaMonitor, and want to share it with others, please send me an email with it or put it on the KDE-Look site (in the 'Other Theme/Style' category).

If you know anything about KDE help files, and want to help - go ahead!


Here are some screenshots of MetaMonitor :)
Screen 1 MetaMonitor in system tray

Screen 2 Log list window

Screen 3 Configuration window

Screen 4 Themed popup


You can download MetaMonitor (sources, RPMs, DEBs and ebuilds) from the project's homepage or from the service.


This program is distributed under the GNU GPL license.
MetaMonitor is written by Krzysztof Zawadyl, feel free to contact me by email.
Florian Sievert - german translation
Vincenzo Reale - italian translation
Alejandro Araiza Alvarado - spanish translation
Jakub Zalas, Jerome Vizcaino - Debian packages
Thanks to Konstantin Sobolev and his KLogView for inspiration and a few lines of code.